Jill Cory

Author, facilitator & coach

Jill Cory has twenty-eight years of experience in the anti-violence field, working in front-line, policy, training and research. For the past fourteen years, she has managed the Provincial Woman Abuse Response Program at BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre, developing policy, conducting research, establishing province wide networks and providing curricula and training to support health regions and communities to implement strategies and programs to address the health impacts of violence against women and reduce women’s negative service experiences. Her team is leading the province-wide research project Building Bridges: Linking Woman Abuse, Substance Use and Mental Ill Health.

She is the co-author of several publications, including the SHE Framework: Safety and Health Enhancement for Women Experiencing Abuse. A Toolkit for Health Care Providers and Planners, Reasonable Doubt: The Use of Health Records in Criminal and Civil Cases of Violence Against Women in Relationships (2004) and When Love Hurts, A woman’s guide to understanding abuse in relationships (2008, 2nd edition).

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by email: jill@jillcory.com